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07.10 | Prompting starts
07.26 | Prompting ends
07.30 | Claiming starts
09.15 | Check-in (750 words)
10.20 | Final draft due
10.31 | Posting starts
11.07 | Guess Who (tentative)
11.08 | Reveals + friending meme (tentative)

* We work with EST Midnights!


day one

Ensnared by Cute by xiukisses [pg-13: ~4.4k]
Lu Han’s fangs drop when he gets frustrated, and Zitao’s history textbooks (and their many inaccuracies!!) tend to wind Lu Han up a little too much. It’s only a matter of time before Zitao finds out Lu Han’s secret.

Lucky I'm Drunk by shinealightrose [pg-13: ~1.8k]
Tao says some crazy things when he’s drinking, but usually it’s the same thing over and over again. Lu Han’s quite used to talking about how his BFF wants to bone him into the next universe. Or is he?
Warnings: Lots of drinking, drunken propositions, discussions of hypothetical boning, Firefly TV marathons.

day two

Here & Now by angeldc [pg-13: ~3.7k]
Zitao knows where he should go but is not sure if he will be welcomed like he was told.

Snowball by seafoamblues [nc-17: ~3.3k]
Zitao knows where he should go but is not sure if he will be welcomed like he was told.
Warnings: bestial penetrable sex toy usage and descriptions of bestial sex toys, rimming, felching, unprotected sex, crack-ish (because what the heck)

day three

You're not my potato by mirukuku [pg-13: ~1.9k]
Tao, Sehun, and Kyungsoo are all rowdy university students that decide to get drunk one night and take a trip to the super market. Tao struggles to express his potatoes the entire time.
Warnings: Mention of alcohol/drunk Tao

Friendship Session by taobz [pg: ~7.4k]
One day Tao and Luhan decide to pull a few pranks on their supervising teacher in detention. The result is a bond of friendship.

day four

Field of Play by myenduringheart [r: ~18.6k]
Lu Han is single and stuck in a career he hates. The highlight of his week is Fridays, when he goes to the strip club after work in time for Tao's show. Perhaps Lu Han needs to reassess some things in his life.
Warnings: age gap, stripping as a profession

day five

in the night he comes crawling by tiara_jade [nc-17: ~3.4k]
Everything between them is a half lie, toeing the line of love and lust.
Warnings: explicit sexual content, descriptions of violence, memory loss, weirdass timelines, minor swearing, extremely minor breathplay & rimming, hinted xiutao, major character death, unbetaed

百鬼夜行 by bluedreaming [g: ~1.7k]
There's a saying in Japan that kitsune make the best oden. Zitao and his father Lu Han are foxes who make magical oden for yokai who wander by.

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