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(day 3) Friendship Session

Title: Friendship Session
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 7,410
Warnings: None
Summary: One day Tao and Luhan decide to pull a few pranks on their supervising teacher in detention. The result is a bond of friendship.

Tao and Luhan are good students.

Both boys never fail to turn their assignments in on time, they generously complete every task they're assigned, and then some, they even participate in extracurricular activities. Luhan is on the chess team while Tao is an honorable member of the martial arts club.

The only obstacle getting in the way of the two being labeled the ideal high school students, is the unfortunate fact that neither boy obtains good grades. Their grades are barely passing, which is lucky for them or they wouldn't be able to remain in their clubs. The fact that one of the two boys was a part-time troublemaker, doesn't help either.

The two boys have been assigned detention for a variety of reasons. This list includes showing up late to class, breaking classroom rules and the usual misconduct. Out of the two, Luhan was the prankster. It wasn't surprising for the young man to be assigned detention for some ridiculous prank he may have pulled. Tao, on the other hand, is a quiet one. He's mysterious since no one knows much about him. He earns his detention without causing disruption to others.

Tao and Luhan aren't originally friends, but they have become moderately close through a few detention sessions.

Tao comes off as a scary guy to the majority of the student body; because of this he doesn't have many friends. No one ever dares to approach him. Luhan had overheard rumors about him around the school, but he never believed any of them. They were all pretty ridiculous anyway, like the one where Tao is supposedly a gang leader and was on the run from the FBI. Luhan believed the kids in this school should be a lot less judgy. It was just the stoic face he wore 24/7 and the fact that he always looked angry that scared everyone he came across off. No one ever took the necessary time to get to know the misunderstood boy, but Luhan secretly wanted to. They've exchanged a few words during detention (Luhan had bravely greeted Tao a few times, which ultimately resulted in him earning another detention for talking) and Tao seemed perfectly polite and normal. Tao was a good guy.

A case in particular guaranteed Luhan the fact that Tao was contrary to popular belief, indeed, a good person.

Luhan had been out shopping one day with his mother. The super market was packed that day, probably since it was a weekend, and Luhan remembers being ready to get out of there as soon as they arrived. He regularly helped his mother with grocery shopping, since his mother preferred not to drive. He knew he would be there for a while since his mother tended to look through the entire market as if it was her first time shopping there.

Luhan had spotted Huang Zitao that day while looking through the produce section. Tao was alone, pushing a shopping cart with a few groceries already inside. Luhan was going to go up and greet him when a little boy following a small rolling ball, bumped into Tao's legs. Luhan's eyes widened at the sight.

The small child's clumsiness caused him to land on his butt. He was looking up at Tao with a horrified expression on his face, he, just like the student's at school, was scared of Tao. To the child's surprise, Tao smiled brightly, chuckling a little as he bent down to pick the boy up. He placed the young boy on his feet, before patting his head and retrieving the toy ball. "Be more careful next time, alright?" He hands him the ball and the boy takes it in his small hands.

The young boy's face was frozen in shock, his tiny mouth opened to form an 'o' shape. He finally brought himself to nod, and a wide smile came over his face. "Thank you so much, mister!" He yelled, before running back to his mother who had been watching the entire thing with a grin.

Luhan was a little surprised himself, that was the first time he had ever seen Tao smile. He was about to finally go over and talk to Tao, but his mother's announcement of going to check out stopped him from doing so.

While standing in one of the many long lines of people ready to be checked out, Luhan spots Tao yet again.

Tao was standing in a line near their own, but his eyes never land on Luhan. He was waiting what appeared to be, patiently, his hands in his pockets as he stared straight ahead. An elderly lady joins his line. Tao shifts in his standing position, his body now turned sideways. In his peripheral vision, he notices the lady and gives up his spot in line for her. The lady politely refuses, but Tao has already pushed his cart from his spot, making his way to stand behind her. The lady thanks him, telling him how much of a fine young man he is.

Luhan watches the entire thing with a smile placed upon his face. This was the same young man people at school spread rumors about and were afraid to associate with. Luhan couldn't believe some people.

After leaving the market and loading the car with their groceries, Luhan spots a heartwarming sight in the rearview mirror; Tao was accompanying the same elderly lady to her vehicle, helping her with her groceries.

Despite their similarities with poor grades and detention slips, the two boys were still two completely different people. Would a pair like them ever become friends?

"Don't tell me you have detention again," Yixing, Luhan's best friend, asked with unmistakable annoyance laced in his voice.

Luhan and Yixing were childhood friends, having grown up being next door neighbors when Luhan had moved to a new city. They started playing outside together one day and have been an inseparable duo ever since. Since day one.

Luhan merely shrugged, placing his books inside of his locker before strolling down the hallway.

"I can't help it if Mr. Kim wants to give me detention just for being ten minutes late to his class. The dude just doesn't like me, I'm telling you."

Yixing shakes his head, accompanying Luhan to lunch.

"Maybe you give him good reason to. It's always something different with you. I swear you get detention because of anything. One day you get detention for throwing paper airplanes in class, the next you get detention just for showing up late. You always complete your assignments, but you're still failing most of your classes." Yixing being the good noodle that he was, was astonished at his friend's conduct.

"I don't know, Xing." Luhan brushed it off, just like how he did whenever Yixing lectured to him about his behavior and grades. He had his parents for that, but Yixing was like a third parent to him.

"You should really look into getting yourself a tutor. You do your work, but your final grades aren't reflecting that. I'm only suggesting this as a friend. I care about you." Yixing knew Luhan was annoyed with his constant nagging, but he cared about his friend, so he continued to nag.

The boy was barely listening to him, having already tuned his friend out. He's heard it all before.

Luhan is eating his lunch while completely drowning out Yixing who was thankfully, not lecturing him anymore, but now complaining about the workload he had due to taking honors classes. He simply lets his eyes wander the crowded lunchroom, only nodding every now and then to something Yixing had said so the latter would believe he was listening.
Yixing was in the middle of talking about his physics project that's worth half of his final grade, when Luhan's eyes fall on a person sitting alone at a lunch table, eating all by themselves.

It was Tao, he immediately recognizes, and even though he appeared perfectly fine with being alone, Luhan knew that the other boy was lonely and could use some company.
"Hey," Luhan effectively cuts Yixing off, to which Yixing shoots him a 'how dare you interrupt me' look, but Luhan ignores that too.

"What do you think of Tao?" It suddenly occurred to him that he's never heard Yixing mention Tao before. Which was weird, since the whole school pretty much talked about the boy. Yixing wasn't the gossiping type though.

"Who?" Yixing sounds genuinely confused.

Luhan rolls his eyes, quickly pointing to the table his eyes had been fixated on.
Yixing has to turn to see in the direction he was referring to but he spins back around in half a second once he sees who Luhan is talking about.

"Oh Tao," he says the name as if it's taboo. He scrunches his nose up before giving a firm shake of the head. "I don't know him personally, but I've heard a few things about him. None of them are good though. Why?"

Instantly, Luhan feels disgusted with his friend's words. He was grateful that Yixing hadn't started bringing up all of the cliche rumors about the boy, because he's already heard them a million times before and he was sick of it. He was disappointed that his own best friend conformed with the rest of the student body, believing made up stories about a boy who was a good person, a student that wouldn't harm a fly.

He forces himself to smile before answering, "I wanted to go over and sit with him. I was hoping you would come with me. He looks lonely, don't you think?"

Yixing's eyebrows raise in utter disbelief as if Luhan had just announced to him that he was quitting school and running off to join the circus.

It was quiet for a moment. "I mean, I," Yixing trailed off, probably trying to find a polite way to tell Luhan he was crazy and he would definitely not be sitting with Huang Zitao. "If you really want to, you can. I'm not going to stop you. It's just...I don't... I don't want to sit with him." He almost whispered the last part of the sentence, as if Tao were listening to their conversation.

Luhan's disappointment in his friend only grew stronger with those words. He shakes his head, standing up, carrying his lunch with both hands.

"I guess I'll see you later then," Luhan said goodbye to his friend, giving him a smile before walking towards the other side of the lunchroom, to the table occupied by one person. The simple ten-second walk felt like a ten-minute walk instead. He could feel the stares from students burning into him, including Yixing's.

Placing his lunch down on the table, he instantly grabs the attention of Tao, who had been absorbed with staring out the lunchroom window.

Tao looks up at him, his facial expression blank, not even surprise or curiosity apparent on his face.

"Do you mind if I join you?" Luhan is eyeing his face as he says this, waiting for Tao to give him the okay to sit down. If the boy didn't want him to impose, he certainly wouldn't.
Tao's eyes flicker to Luhan's food, then they focus on something, or rather someone, behind Luhan, before traveling up to meet Luhan's expectant eyes again.

"Are you sure your friend won't mind?"

A look of pure confusion contorts Luhan's face before he realized that Yixing must have been staring daggers at the back of his head. Luhan had almost forgotten about him, being so focused on Tao. Tao clearly knew the two were friends and it wasn't wrong to assume that Yixing must have been jealous of Luhan's abandonment of him.

"Oh don't worry about him. He doesn't care, and if he does, so what? Can I sit?" Luhan is almost certain that Tao will reject him when Tao nods, an amused look now placed upon his features.


Luhan's eyes widen in temporary shock before he gives a quick nod in understanding, taking a seat across from Tao, whose attention was now focused fully on him.

The intense feeling of being watched by people didn't go away as Luhan fiddled with his milk carton, trying to find something to say to the other so a conversation could be started. He was definitely sure that the gazes of other students was what was making him feel so anxious at this very moment.

Surprisingly enough, it was Tao who broke the silence, "What made you want to sit with me?" he doesn't sound irritated, but genuinely intrigued.

"You looked pretty lonely over here, all by yourself," he answers, taking a sip from his milk.

Tao raised an eyebrow, eyes slightly larger, clearly taken aback by his answer. Luhan felt bad for him. Tao had been shut away from everyone at school since he's attended, he's probably grown accustomed to the thought that no one at this school likes him. Just that likely assumption was enough to make Luhan's blood boil. Everyone deserved to have friends and no one deserved to be judged.

Realizing that Tao wasn't going to add anything else, Luhan bravely states, "I want to be friends with you. Official friends."

If the other boy's eyes had gone wide before, they were even wider now, yet all of his other facial features and body parts remained perfectly still. Luhan was dying to know his thoughts. He might find it off-putting how straightforward Luhan was with it, but the latter had already said it. What's done is done.

"You want to be friends with," he points to Luhan before bringing the finger back to poke his own chest, "me?" His face was a mix of surprise and confusion.
Luhan nodded eagerly, genuinely meaning his words. He only hoped that Tao didn't think this was another prank pulled by The Great Prankster Luhan, because even though Luhan could be mischievous at times, he was without a doubt a kind person.

Tao wrinkled his nose, clearly thinking over the boy's proposal. Luhan's eyes sparkled in anticipation, watching Tao intently. It took no longer than a minute before Tao said the words Luhan had been hoping to hear.

"Sure, we can be friends." Tao smiled, cracking a laugh when Luhan raised both his arms up in victory at his words.

Luhan was shocked. Never once had he heard a laugh escape from Huang Zitao, but his laugh was definitely something else. It was unique and Luhan was amazed by it. A twinge of sadness washed over him, feeling sad that others weren't able to hear such a sweet laugh on the daily. His angelic smile and beautiful laugh deserved to be shared with the world. He found himself laughing along with Tao; for some reason Tao's laughter was beautiful, yet contagious.

After their short laughter dies down, Luhan decided it was best to put the remaining time of their lunch period to good use; he wanted to begin getting to know the boy better.
"Are you from here?" Luhan quickly decides this is an appropriate question to ask (it was also the first question that popped into his head).

The other boy nods. "I'm from here. I've lived in the same town my entire life. When I'm finished with school I plan on studying abroad. I want to explore the world, see new faces, learn new things, enjoy my life to the fullest. There's so much to see in this world, I feel like I've been missing out, " he reveals nonchalantly.

Luhan didn't expect that answer, and for some reason, he wasn't surprised. Tao had a thirst for adventure close to his heart. He had an unexplainable feeling that there was so much more to Tao that he had yet to find out, and he was eager to.

"Do you...have any other friends?" Luhan is not sure if this will cause Tao to feel offended, so he immediately regrets the questions as soon as it's asked.

Luckily enough, Tao doesn't seem phased by it. "Yes, I have two friends from my martial arts club. I just don't hang out with them much."

Luhan was surprised; he hadn't known that. He thought Tao had no friends, but that's probably because whenever he saw the guy he was always alone. It just went to show that you can't always assume things based on appearances. That went with Tao in general. He nods in understanding before opening his mouth, ready to shoot another question at him when the bell interrupts him. He hadn't even been paying attention to the time so he didn't know their lunch period would have been over so fast.

A sigh slips past his lips and before he knows it, Tao is already standing up and looking down at him expectantly.

"I'll see you later," Luhan stands up just as Tao.

Tao nods, giving him a small smile. "See you later."

By the time the last period of the day rolled around, Tao was assigned detention for eating in class, something that was against the rules in almost every classroom on campus.
Tao knew the rules, whether or not he followed them was solely based on how he felt at the given moment.

Luhan also happened to be in Tao's last period class and witnessed everything. When the teacher had called him out, it was the usual chattering among students and the same overused rumors being tossed around that filled the classroom. Luhan thought it was ridiculous. Everyone was so judgemental, and it made him feel sorry for Tao. It looked like the two would be having each other's company this evening.

When class was finally dismissed, Luhan walks up to Tao's seat, earning glares from other students who were probably thinking the sparkly eyed boy was insane.

"Do you want to head to detention together?" Luhan asked, his bookbag slung over his shoulder. He was excited, considering they didn't have much time to bond at lunch earlier. He mentally adds to start having lunch with Tao regularly. They were officially friends now.
Tao's face was unreadable (as usual) but he nodded, grabbing his things before leaving the classroom with Luhan.

Everyone who was still left in the classroom, including the teacher, looked after them in disbelief.

Luhan and Tao never exchanged that many words in the few detention sessions they've had together (or their short shared lunch period), but their friendship didn't need it. There was almost an unspoken bond between the two. So while they're walking together through the hallways, the complete silence between the two wasn't awkward or unsettling. Of course, there were students around every corner ogling the two, but neither boy cared.

Upon entering the classroom that was assigned for all detention sessions, Luhan and Tao take seats next to one another, on the left side of the classroom.

There were a few students already seated and waiting for the supervising teacher to arrive, and for their hour long hell session to start, and eventually finish. There were never many students in detention. Today there were five other people here, besides Tao and Luhan.

Everyone is on their cell phones and other electronic devices when the sound of the door opening makes them lift their heads up instantly.

Mr. Wu, the literature teacher, walks in.

A chorus of groans and complaints erupt from the students at the sight of the unpopular teacher, but Mr. Wu immediately shuts them down.

"Hey, you all have no room to be complaining. You're in detention for a reason. Let's hurry and get this over with. I have more important places to be, unlike the rest of you." He takes a seat at the desk in the front, scanning the faces of unhappy students in a manner which was most likely intended to be intimidating, before pulling out his laptop.
He begins calling roll, the names of students given detention answering to their names in a much alike dull fashion.

Tao's name was the last to be called since he had been put on the detention list towards the end of the school day.

"Huang Zitao?" Mr. Wu raises an eyebrow, eyes scanning the room for the student.
Student's heads turn to the young man they knew was named Huang Zitao. Instead of answering out loud like everyone else, Tao merely raises his hand. Mr. Wu sees the action and nods in affirmation. "Thank you, Mr. Huang."

All of the student's whose attention was on Tao, quickly shift to Mr. Wu when he gets up from his desk, now standing in the very front of the classroom. He was holding an empty rectangular shaped container. Holding it up, he flashes a smile. "Please turn your cell phones in before we start our session."

Another eruption of groans fill the classroom, to which Mr. Wu's smile only grows wider upon hearing. One by one, Students place their cell phones into the container.
"Is that all?" Mr. Wu asks, eyes wandering around the classroom. There comes no reply, and Mr. Wu sits down.

"You know the rules, no eating, no talking. You can't sleep either," he adds on the last part as if to elicit another groan from the students. It works. He glances down at his watch. "Time"

The room is completely silent, the only sounds audible being the breathing of students.
Only a good ten minutes of silence passes before a brilliant idea (brilliant to him anyway) pops into Luhan's head.

Luhan focuses his attention on the front of the classroom, trying to get a good look at the supervising teacher. Mr. Wu seems to be occupied with playing a game on his laptop, judging by the looks of it. Luhan rolls his eyes at the sight, reaching his arm out towards Tao, tapping him once lightly on the leg. He effectively grabs the boy's attention, as Tao was just staring off into space.

Tao first steals a glance at Luhan, then turns his head to the window again, probably assuming Luhan had done the action by accident. Luhan rolls his eyes in frustration before checking to see if Mr. Wu was looking, then proceeding to reach out and tap Tao lightly multiple times on the leg. Tao turns his head in a second, eyes wide.
Luhan mouths, "Wait," before quietly pulling out a sheet of paper and pen from his bookbag.
With messy handwriting, he jots down, I'm bored. Let's team up against Wu. I'll take the lead. It'll be fun.

Folding the paper once in half, he checks again for the teacher's attention, before placing it on Tao's desk quickly, resuming to resting his head on his hand and sporting a bored expression.

Tao raises his eyebrows, giving Luhan a questioning look before reading the note. Luhan is faced towards Tao, watching the male take in the information. The look Tao gives him is surprising; he smiles, giving a firm nod.

The two boys are smiling at each other like idiots by this point, the endless possibilities running through the both of their unpredictable minds.

Luhan nods at Tao, accompanied with a wink. He stands up from his desk, walking towards the front of the classroom where Mr. Wu was seated, still completely engrossed in his computer game.

"Mr. Wu," Luhan calls, grabbing the teacher's attention right away. Mr. Wu's eyes rise from his screen, falling on the boy at the front of his desk. He straightens, clicking his mouse once, signaling he was probably pausing the game.

He clears his throat, "Yes?"

"May I use the bathroom? I'll be back as soon as possible," his words held an underlying meaning, one that Mr. Wu wasn't able to detect since he just nods quickly, motioning for the boy to leave the classroom to do his business.

Luhan makes his way towards the door, only stopping when reaching to turn his head and shoot Tao a smirk. Tao smirks right back, the idea they came up with amusing him to no end, the smile on his face never disappears. No one in the classroom is expecting anything, including Mr. Wu, which only made the whole situation even more humorous to the boy. Tao had to admit though, he was curious as to what Luhan was planning to do.

A few minutes of silence go by until the door is swung open and a panicked Luhan is revealed. "Mr. Wu! The toilet in the boy's bathroom exploded!"

The teacher's eyes widen at the words, immediately standing up from his chair in an alarmed manner. "WHAT?!" He dashes out of the classroom, his long legs carrying him, running past Luhan and making his way down the hallway to the boy's restrooms.

An eruption of giggles fills the classroom, the students clearly finding the teacher's reaction amusing. Mr. Wu's usual cool and calm demeanor had vanished right before their eyes.
Luhan makes his way back over to Tao, who is laughing so hard he's the color of a tomato.
"What did you do?" Tao asks, his mouth covered with his hand from his excessive laughter. Luhan chuckles, but doesn't sit down, instead hovering over Tao's desk.

"I clogged one of the toilets." He places his hands on his hips, clearly proud of his work.
"But did it actually explode?!" Tao asks in amazement, eyes sparkling with curiosity.

Luhan shakes his head before waving a hand, "of course not, but Mr. Wu will believe anything you tell him. He just wants to get a student in trouble. Did you see the way he bolted right out of here? Give me your water bottle real quick. Keep a look out for Wu."

Tao hands him his water bottle without questions, before running over and sneakily peeking out of the classroom.

All of the students are watching Luhan at this point, their laughter having finally died down.

Going up to the teacher's desk, Luhan picks up the light plastic cup for pencils, pens, and other writing utensils, and empties the contents into the garbage can.

With Tao's water bottle in hand, Luhan pours the liquid into the cup. He holds it up high for all to see. He grabs a chair in his other hand and shuffles over to the door. Tao notices and removes himself so he's not in his way. He cracks the door until it's partially open. Quickly, Luhan stands on the chair, taking the cup full of water and balancing it on top of the cracked door. Understanding the prank, Tao lets out a loud high pitched laughter which causes everyone else in the room to laugh along with him. Surprisingly enough, there were no whispers of stares of disgust. Only laughing. Luhan didn't dwell on the weird change, instead laughing along with Tao and putting the chair back to it's previous spot.
The two boys rush over to their desks, snickering the entire time. The other students occupying the classroom shoot the two boys wide grins, clearly enjoying the show the boys were putting on for them.

"I can't believe you guys are doing this," a boy pipes up. He was in both of the boy's last period class. If they recalled correctly, his name was Minseok. "You're going to get into so much trouble. You'll be assigned detention for life if he catches you." He doesn't seem to be lecturing them, there's obvious amusement all in his voice.

Luhan merely smiles, gesturing to Tao. "We're best friends. It doesn't matter if we get in trouble, we'll be going down together. We're partners in crime. " Tao's eyes widen at his words and he gives Luhan a surprised look, but Luhan doesn't acknowledge it. A feeling of acceptance and love washes over Tao, but he isn't fully aware of the feelings yet.

The boy shakes his head, laughing, before turning his attention back to the front of the classroom. "We should pretend to be doing something productive, you know, so Mr. Wu doesn't suspect us or something." Luhan whispers to Tao, pulling out a piece of paper and putting on the act of doing homework. Tao nods, taking out a text book and flipping to a random page.
"Thanks, Jongdae. Sorry about that." The distinct voice of Mr. Wu could be heard outside of the classroom. "It's okay guys, the janitor is going to-"


Stifling laughter fills the classroom upon seeing the sight of Mr. Wu walking into the classroom and being doused from above unexpectedly with water. "My suit!" Mr. Wu runs his hands through his hair, looking down in disbelief at his soaked attire. "How in the world-" His head snaps up and his eyes dart around the room in a fast manner. His eyes land on Tao and Luhan for a millimeter of a second before falling down and spotting the cup.

With an irritated groan, he straightens himself up. Putting one hand on his hip, he looks at the students. "How did that happen?" he asks the class, not expecting an answer. "I'll be right back. Stay in your seats," he adds extra emphasis on the last part, accompanied with the raise of an eyebrow. Giggles are heard as soon as he's out the door.

"Did you see the look on his face?" Tao nudges Luhan, his face flushing red again from his laughter. Luhan smiles at the newfound sound. He was pleasantly happy that this whole plot was bringing out a new side of Tao. One that he never knew the boy had. "What are we going to do next?" Tao asks, craving for more pranks to be pulled. His eagerness only motivated Luhan more to keep this up.

Luhan shrugs, opening up his bookbag to examine it's contents. Luhan was a prankster, that was the main reason why he was in detention so much, so one could only imagine the things he carried around with him daily.

"We could," Luhan starts, rummaging through the bag for what he was looking for. He pulls out whoopee cushion along with a small screwdriver. "We could sabotage his chair. This will work, trust me. He'll probably be gone for a little while anyway."
Tao's face brightens at his suggestion, finding it to be brilliant. He reaches out for the screwdriver. "I'll do this." Luhan is surprised by his straightforwardness, but hands it to him nonetheless.

Luhan rushes over to do the usual look out while Tao makes his way to the teacher's swivel chair. Getting down, he begins to remove the screws of the chair.

Soon enough, Tao is finished. He stands up, looking in Luhan's direction. He shoots him a thumbs up and Luhan grins, rushing over and placing the whoopee cushion on top of the chair, adding the final touch.

The boys head back to their seats, continuing their act of being engrossed with homework and reading.

It takes Mr. Wu a good ten minutes before he shows back up to the classroom, his outfit changed into a more casual one. He seems to have dried off completely, yet his hair was still a little damp from the incident. "Sorry about that." Cooly, he struts over to his desk, all the while having his eyes on the group of detained students.

His eyes never leave the classroom, not even when he sits down. Which was a big mistake on his part. The known sound of a fart comes from the teacher and most of the students laugh out loud at the noise.

Mr. Wu's cheeks turn pink and he immediately stands up, looking down to find the source of the offensive sound. He picks up the cushion, rolling his eyes when he sees what it is. He waves it in the air. "Hilarious. Who did this?" He looks around the classroom expectantly. "Do you think this is funny?" He continues when there comes no response. His stare is deadly, demanding. None of the students are laughing, except for Tao and Luhan who are holding back their giggles with all of their might.

Walking over to the trash can, he drops the cushion, giving the students a look of triumph when doing so. It remains silent as he strolls back to his desk. He returns to his game, glancing up from the screen one last time before his clicking resumes.

The students secretly watch in anticipation, waiting for him to eventually lean back in his chair.

A few more minutes drag on until Mr. Wu decides to reach for his laptop , sitting back and resting it on his lap for a more comfortable position. At that precise moment, in the blink of an eye, he falls back, landing on the floor, his hands rest on the floor for support. His laptop lands beside him, the screen cracked from the rough impact.

"What in the world?! How the hell did-" He yells angrily, standing upright and looking down at the chair. He inspects the swivel chair. His eyes glow in rage upon discovering his now cracked computer screen.

"Mr. Wu, are you okay?" Tao asks out loud, causing the students and Mr. Wu to look at him.
"Does it look like I'm okay? Does it?" Mr. Wu asks in disbelief, his eyebrows scrunched up to match his harsh tone. He picks up his damaged laptop, placing it on top of his desk.
Tao merely shrugs. Mr. Wu lets out a breath of irritation when his face transforms into one of pain.

"I'm going to go and see if the nurse is still in. I'll be right back. Stay put," he orders, walking towards the classroom door. Before he exits, he turns one last time. "No funny business."

This time everyone bursts into laughter as soon as he's out of the classroom. The usual boring detention sessions weren't anything like this one.

"What are we going to do next?" Luhan is the one to ask Tao this time. He doesn't give Tao a chance to respond because an idea pops into his head at that very moment.

He looks into his bookbag another time, and pulls out a small bottle of glue. "This is the good stuff." His eyes meet Tao's and they're shining evilly. Tao nods, as usual already understanding what Luhan was getting at. Luhan hands the bottle over to Tao.

Quickly, Tao dashes to the front of the classroom. He picks up the stapler, squirting glue onto the bottom and effectively making it stick to the surface of the desk. He begins gluing everything he sees to the desk, papers, books, even a pencil. He's about to high-tail it back to his seat when Luhan stops him.

"Glue everything," Luhan calls out. "Everything."

Tao looks back at the desk, searching for anything he missed. His eyes land on the only thing sitting on the desk that he hasn't glued yet. The laptop.

He lets out a high pitched laugh at the thought, knowing Luhan meant to glue even the laptop to the desk. Through giggles, he picks the laptop up, coating glue all over the bottom of the laptop and onto the desk as well. Placing the laptop down gently, he adds force to make sure it sticks well. With a final push down, he runs back to his seat, where Luhan is watching in amusement. He gives Tao a high five upon his return.

Mr. Wu shows up to the classroom with a heat pack pressed onto one of his forearms. "I'm back," he announces, looking at the class with a glare. "I'm not sure what's going on here, maybe I'm just having a large amount of bad luck but-" his eyes fall onto the chair that was still dismantled. Without finishing his sentence, he turns back out of the classroom.
The students look at one another in confusion before Mr. Wu shows up again with the janitor, Mr. Kim with him.

"There it is," Mr. Wu gestures to the chair. Mr. Kim walks over and inspects the chair before picking all of it up. "I'm sorry about this, Jongdae," he whispers to the janitor.
Mr. Kim shakes his head. "It's alright, these things happen. I'll bring you a new one instead." He smiles, leaving the classroom with the seat.

Mr. Wu lets out a deep sigh, staring at the man as he leaves, and then turning his attention back to the students who were occupied, or at least pretending to be.
Mr. Kim returns with a new swivel chair and Mr. Wu thanks him generously before sitting down at his desk again.

"Since my laptop screen is cracked, and I will most likely just end up buying a new laptop altogether, I'm going to sit here. Sit here and watch all of you." Mr. Wu announces, eyes glued on the students in front of him. "That way you can't pull any more of your pranks," his eyes dart to Luhan and Tao specifically when he spoke those words.

No one says anything and Mr. Wu smiles. "I'm onto you guys."

The two boys pretend to still be engrossed in their homework and reading, which they've been doing every single time Mr. Wu walks back into the classroom.


Luhan raises his hand, causing Mr. Wu to look at him in curiosity. "What do you want?" He asks in a rather unprofessional manner.

"Can I borrow your stapler?" Luhan asks. "I have some papers I need to staple together."
Mr. Wu nods, reaching out for the stapler. "Come and get-" his voice is cut off when he looks down to see that the stapler isn't moving. He forces to pull it up again but it still won't budge. "You have got to be kidding me." The students watch him struggle and can't help but laugh quietly to themselves.

With a final tug, he removes the stapler from the desk. Luhan is already at his desk, he takes the stapler from him as if nothing was the matter.

"Thank you." He takes the stapler and heads back to his seat.

Mr. Wu watches after him with his mouth open, not being able to believe what just happened- or anything that has happened today.

Getting suspicious, his eyes scan the entire surface of his desk. He begins trying to pick up other objects, but it proves useless. He finds himself using all of his force to try and pick up the objects.

"Alright. I'm not even going to try and lift the laptop." He states. "I don't even have the energy to yell," he admits. With those words, he glances at his watch. His eyes light up in delight. He stands up, turning his body to the whiteboard.

Luhan takes the opportunity to throw something on his desk. A fake spider. It came in handy with many of his pranks, considering the majority of people are terrified of spiders. Mr. Wu fit into that majority, that was a given.

Tao bursts out loud into a fit of laughter at the sight. Luhan wishes he hadn't. But Mr. Wu doesn't seem to hear him, or rather, he doesn't seem to care.

In big letters on the whiteboard, Mr. Wu writes '15 minutes.'

"Only fifteen more minutes of this hell session. Only fifteen more minutes until freedom," he sings, turning back around.

A horrified scream erupts from the literature teacher. The (fake) spider obviously being a beyond scary sight for him. "Someone, kill it!" He pleads, backing away from the desk with all of his might. He's already at the classroom door, ready to run for his life, when Tao walks up to the desk, coming to his rescue.

Mr. Wu watches in fascination as Tao picks the spider up. "What in the world are you doing?!" Mr. Wu questions him in disbelief. "Just kill it!"

Tao brings the spider up to his own face, examining it. "Mr. Wu, this is a fake spider." Tao holds it up for Mr. Wu to see. The teacher steps closer at his words, wanting to have a look at it for himself.

He still doesn't seem convinced until Tao squishes it in between his fingers. "See?"
"Why is a fake spider on my desk?" He asks. Tao shrugs, but lifts the spider up closer to his face. Mr. Wu hisses, backing away from the toy.

"Just sit down. Please," Mr. Wu begs, "and take that disgusting thing with you."
Tao nods, walking back to his seat with the spider in hand.

Mr. Wu lets out an exasperated sigh. Sitting back down at his desk, he plops his head down onto the surface, right on top of his broken and glued down laptop. The students don't say anything more or question him. In a few minutes, he lifts his head back up.

"I've decided. I'm going to end this early today. Detention is over," Mr. Wu announces loudly, rubbing his temples in an attempt to not lash out right then and there. "Finally," he whispers to himself and then more loudly, "Get out."

The students eagerly file out of the classroom one by one, ready to go home and enjoy the rest of their days.

Mr. Wu shoots an evil look at each one, but the look disappears and his eyebrows raise as Luhan approaches him, Tao following behind.

"Sorry you had to waste your evening here with us. We appreciate you taking time out of your busy life to watch over us bad children. And thanks for letting us out a little earlier than usual. We don't deserve that. You're the best, Mr. Wu." Mr. Wu's expression softens at the kind and unexpected thanks. A faint smile dances on his lips and Luhan reaches his hand out for a handshake.

"You're welcome, Luhan. It's my pleasure to-" his words are cut off when an electric shock is sent through his hand. Tao bursts out into a fit of laughter from behind, and Luhan smirks proudly. He pulls his hand away to reveal a classic hand buzzer.

Mr. Wu growls in frustration, his anger having boiled over throughout the entire detention session. "I've had enough today. I'll make sure you have detention for the rest of your high school career. Get out!" he points to the door, signaling for them to exit.

Luhan and Tao run out of the classroom, laughing uncontrollably while doing so.

"That was the best!" Tao cheers, walking beside Luhan to the front entrance of the school.
Luhan scratches the back of his and chuckles. "It really was. I'm glad you had so much fun."
"Uh, of course I did. Mr. Wu is my least favorite teacher and even though I feel a little bad about what we did, I'm glad we did it. I'm glad- I'm glad I became friends with you," he admits, looking away from Luhan for a fraction of a second.

Luhan is taken aback by his words, not sure on what to say. After he had announced to Tao that he wanted to be friends, he thought their friendship would progress slowly from there. But their shared detention session together just now, brought them even closer, faster. Tao was smiling now and laughing his precious laugh. Everything had changed in a matter of one detention session. And it was all because Luhan wanted to do what he loved doing- he wanted to pull some pranks. He was extremely grateful for his decision.

"You're not the only one. No one really likes Mr. Wu. Say..." Luhan trails off. They were now standing outside of the school. Tao is looking at him expectantly, ready for his next words. "Do you want to go home together? I mean, I have my car. But if you have your own car then we can just go our own separate ways but-"

Tao holds up a hand, ceasing him. "I walk to school since I live really close by. Maybe you could drive me home? And you can even stay over if you want. You know, we can do the homework Mr. Wu assigned us together." He laughs at his own suggestion, and Luhan can't help but crack a smile and laugh right along with him.

"Sure, that sounds like fun!"

The two boys make their way to Luhan's vehicle in the student parking lot, chattering the whole entire time.

Thanks to a detention session, or rather, a friendship session, it was possible for such two different people to become friends. Best friends at that.

Author's notes: I hope you liked this!

Tags: - round 1 (2015), rating: pg
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